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My Korean War
My Korean War.    

When I was 9 years old, the Korean War broke.
My parents were shocked and worried.

I did not understand what the war was.
Why did Korean killing each others?
We are the same Koreans, what is different? South or North.

When I was a kid, 4 years old, I thought north Koreans looked
like a monster which have a horn on the head, etc.

When North Korean army occupied almost South Korea,
North Korean army entered into my small hometown.
They tried to talk to youngsters.

They were not a monster with horn.
They were the same looks like us. They tried to be kind to
One of soldiers had a stomach trouble, he took a bullet out of his pocket and ate the powder of the ammunition.

They gathered young boys and girls in a big church hall;
and taught songs for North Korea and the general Kim Il Sung.

The North Korean soldiers tried to be kind to young boys.
However one of my cousin who had been a Korea National
Assembly member was killed by North Korean army.

Korea had been one country for several thousands of years,
South and North Korean use same letters, same language.

Why did Korea war happen?
Why do we live in two separate countries for 75 years?
Why can not we visit each others?
Why can not dying parents in South visit his children in North?
What is capitalism and communism?

The Korean war made Korea to zero.
However South Korean people worked hard and overcome from zero, and made the economic development.

Who are responsible for the war?
Stupid Koreans? Soviet Union? USA? Japan?

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