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A letter from Korea to America, 오마이뉴스게재 2006/11/24

A Letter from Korea to America

[Opinion] South Koreans still grateful to U.S. but question N.K. policy

Kim John Seijoong (seijoong),  Published 2006-11-24 10:48 (KST)    

Dear America,

I like you, America and I hope that America will be a lifelong friend of Korea.

I was 9 years old when the Korean war broke out. One of my cousins was killed by the North Korean army, he had been a member of the congress of South Korea.

I saw many innocent people killed and wounded during the war. I still remember that a man ran into our house crying out for help. His face and white clothes were red with blood.

Even today now that more than 50 years have passed I often have nightmares that North Korea will invade South Korea again.

Humanitarian America

South Korea was recovered three months after the war broke out. For us children school was resumed. The teacher told us that the American army drove back the North Korean red army with General MacArthur's Incheon-landing operations. The general was an idol of the Korean people as the saviour of Korea.

More than 40,000 American soldiers were killed during the Korean war. The American Forces Network in Korea says that American troops stay in Korea for the freedom of South Korea. I respect those Americans very much.

After the Korean war America provided us with a lot of economic aid. We have achieved our current economic prosperity and democracy due to America's help. I like America since you are more humanitarian than any other country in the world.

Dear America, I had even more respect for you after the recent elections. The Democratic party won in the recent election of members of Congress and the next day after the election President Bush fired Rumsfeld who was a hawk. I think that Mr. Bush just followed the majority opinion of America. I respect Mr. Bush's decision and the democracy of America.

Nowadays America and Korea are having a difficult problem with North Korea. North Korea is struggling to survive and is holding a nuclear weapon. The North insists that they must have a nuclear weapon in order not to be overridden by other countries.

Many South Koreans support the idea that Korea should have a nuclear weapon. The reason is this. Korea has a sad history because it has been invaded and overridden by China and Japan many times over the last 1000 years. After more than 500 years the Yi Dynasty collapsed for lack of military power. Even the last empress of the Yi Dynasty, who did not agree with the Japanese policy, was assassinated by Japanese gangsters. The North's action is a kind of resistance for self-defense.

However many experts argue against the North's development of a nuclear weapon. They say the idea is too naive, risky, and comes from an ignorance of international politics.

The first argument may be based on unreasonable passion, while the other one is based on the spiritless reason of a coward.

No more humanism?

Whoever is right or wrong, South Korea has few options to block the North's actions. South Korea has become a hostage of the North's nuclear weapon.

To prevent the transfer of the nuclear weapon to terrorists, foreign trade with the North has been forbidden. As a result of that millions of children will be starved, even starved to death this winter.

Dear America, I do not agree with your way of solving the problems in the North.

In order to kick out the relatively small group of people who control the regime in North Korea, would you let a million innocent people starve to death this cold winter? Your humanity, where is it now?

I do not want my best friend America to leave us, on the other hand I do not want the children of North Korea to starve. I do not know what we should to do for both America and North Korea.

Dear America, has your spouse ever had a serious quarrel with one of your parents? In that situation, what would you decide to do? Would you divorce your spouse or would you separate from your parents?


Sei Joong Kim  
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