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Dear Ms. Hashimi
Dear Ms. Al-Hashimi,

I still guess that it is premature to contact the lawyer now.

Before contacting the lawyer, we have to have an
agreement between you and me.
After that  the agreement or the contract may be formalized by the lawyer.

If we trust each other,  you and I sign the agreement or
contract, in that case we do not need the lawyer.
Or if you think the draft of the agreement is needed to be modified, please contact your lawyer.

Several months ago someone in America offered me
a similar work of yours, I should pay lawyer's fee before I start the job.
I gave up the work. since it could be a fake.

Our work is not complicated, I do not think I need a lawyer.

Best regards,

Sei Joong Kim
2020/05/03 (18:41) from' of'

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