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This site in Korean language  provides a free information of marketing/strategic management, which are a summary of two books written by John Kim, who is a retired business consultant. 
The English version is not available though.

In case you need marketing/business information in Korean market at reasonable price, please contact John Kim.


John Kim's education and experience :

MBA, Long Island University in New York City, 1974
Marketing study (21credits), University of Maryland, 1989-1991
MBA, BBA,  Korea University

Business consultant, Youngwha Accounting Co.(a member of Ernst&Young, International,  and Chong-Un Accounting Co.(a member of  Horwath, International), 1992-2000

Marketing/strategic management, feasibility study, business valuation, business plan consulting for Korea Highway, Korea Mint, Korea Gas Corps.,  Daejon Expo Park, Samwon Food, Bigway Hamberger, Kyungnam Milk Corperative, Dorco Razer,  Jung-ang Departent Store, Daesang Corporation, PowerCom, and so on.

Help New Bridge Capital for acquiring  the Korea First Bank.

Controller, accounting/EDP manager, 1982-1991

Pfizer Korea, Korea Upjohn, Korea Leasing(a joint venture with Manufacturers Hanover Leasing). 

Marketing Instructor,  Hanyang Woman University, 2001


Two books are written by John Kim :

"New Marketing" in 1993, revised in 1999, used this book in junior colleges class.
"Stratigic Management" in 1995.

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